Smallsat Data Explorer

Search, discover, and access NASA acquired commercial smallsat data.

The Smallsat Data Explorer is being developed as part of NASA's Commercial Smallsat Data Acquisition (CSDA) Program to search, discover, and access commercial small satellite (or smallsat) data that has been acquired by NASA.

The CSDA Program is committed to identifying and evaluating commercial smallsat data that have the potential to support NASA’s Earth science research and application activities. Currently, this tool supports search, discovery, and access to data from Planet Labs, Inc. and Spire Global, Inc. acquired as part of the CSDA Program’s evaluation effort and ongoing collaborations. Data access is restricted to researchers of NASA-funded projects. Approved users can leverage this tool to query the current archive over a specified date range by selecting or uploading areas of interest (AOI).

The CSDAP’s initial data evaluation phase also includes products from Maxar Technologies, Inc. (formally DigitalGlobe, Inc.). This data is currently available at the CAD4NASA website. Once evaluation of these products is complete, data acquired from Maxar Technologies, Inc. will be made available through this tool. In addition, the CSDA Program has an ongoing partnership with Teledyne Brown Engineering, Inc. for access to DLR Earth Sensing Imaging Spectrometer data which is available through the TCloud portal. Additional information on the Commercial Smallsat Data Acquisition Program, data availability and the technical specifications of the commercial data can be found at the CSDAP Program page.

How it works

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Create an account on to be able to log in on SmallSat Data Explorer. Login is required to request data.


Become an approved user

Fill in a user approval request form and wait for an administrator to approve your data access eligibility so you can download requested data.

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Access to data requested is dependent on an administrator's approval. After approval, an administrator will provide download instructions.